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Disclaimer: Vindicated Entertainment does not own, nor does it claim to own Magic: The Gathering, or anything owned by Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro. 

An exciting new format is upon us and its name is Warfare.

Welcome ladies and gentleman, today I present to you a format I've crafted for the ever popular tcg known as Magic: The Gathering. 

The format is inspired by Deck-Building Games such as DC Universe, Legendary and Resident Evil.

What you'll need:
A shared 200 card deck (Without lands)
A Shared Nonbasic Land Deck (Average of 10 nonbasic lands per player)
Basic Lands (10 per player)
20 Sided Dice (To keep track of life totals)
Basic Knowledge of Magic (Not required, but definitely helps)

Rules for the game:

1. Players share a singular deck of at least 200 cards. The deck should have an even amount of each color and any number of artifacts and multicolored cards to fill the rest of the deck out. 

2. Each player begins the game with a 15 card deck. This deck contains 3 of each basic land type. (PlainsIslandSwampMountainForest.) Shuffle the deck and draw seven cards.

3. After shuffling the deck, reveal and place the top 5 cards of the shared 200 card deck in a row beside it. This is referred to as the "Line Up." 

4. Player one may play any number of cards from their hand and gain spells from the line up as long as they have enough mana to do so. For example: player one has 2 swamps, 2 forest, 2 islands and a plains. They now have access to 2 black mana, 2 green mana, 2 blue mana and 1 white mana to spend on learning spells. They may gain a Witch's Familiar and a Glory Seeker from the lineup, but not the Lightning Bolt because they have no access to red mana in their hand. There are no restrictions to how many spells you can gain during your turn, just as long as you have the proper mana to do so. Also, you may spend 2 mana of any color to purchase a non basic land from the non basic land deck. 

5. Spells gained from the lineup as well as your hand go into your graveyard after your turn is over. You then draw a new hand of 7. If you cannot, then reshuffle your graveyard into your deck and continue drawing till you have 7 cards in hand.

6. Player two plays their hand and repeats the process. When a spell is drawn they may cast it for "free" since it's already been gained and added to their library of spell casting knowledge. 

7. Once spells are played, summoning sickness still applies as well as the attack step, blockers step, the stack and everything in between that you can expect in a game of Magic. Once the opponent reaches 0 life, you win the game. Permanents stay in play once cast from your hand until they are destroyed in game by the effect of a card. Nonbasic lands unlike basic lands, stay in play and serve as a continuous resource you may use throughout the game.

Playing Warfare has led to a lot of insane and fun matches against my friends. I believe this format will allow a chance for new players to enjoy a format in which they aren't being destroyed by people who have more expensive and better cards than them. This format also gives them the perceived notion that they are on an even playing ground, since you're playing with the same deck, however skilled player's will find strategies to still out play beginners and win more frequently.

As always, I'd love to hear your feedback and what you guys think of the game type. 

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