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Legendaria™ is what we call a “Messenger Roleplaying Game,” or in other words, a game with less emphasis on the tabletop and more on the roleplay.

This is a game system meant to be played by email, phone, or any social media platform of your choice!

In Legendaria you play as a Legend through time or tale, such as Alice, Anne Bonny, Harry Houdini and more!

So How Does It Work?

Like in other roleplaying games, you’ll need someone appointed as a game master, or as we like to say, “World Master.”

The World Master receives all character actions and informs the players of the results of the actions they take. Results are determined by their stats and a random result determined by 2d6.

The rules and mechanics are straight forward to encourage anyone to play, great roleplaying, and interesting twists throughout the game.

How Long Does It Take?

A standard game of Legendaria lasts 7 days, with each day taking anywhere between 2 minutes to 20 minutes of the players time, based on how much they want to interact with the game’s world.

For the World Master, the game will take about 30-60 minutes a day, based on expertise.

Since this game is played through your phone, the game adapts and works for you based on your busy schedule!

Some Things To Consider

This game is perfect for you if…
• You struggle finding the time to play a tabletop game.
• You struggle finding people to play a tabletop game with.
• You love the idea of playing Ragnar, Miyamoto, Merlin, Alice, or other Legends.
• You like simple rules that elevate quick gameplay, roleplaying, and crazy, unexpected interactions.

This game is not for you if…
• If you only enjoy cooperative experiences.
• If you can’t stand the thought of playing unique characters already made and designed specifically for the game.
• If you’re not willing to learn the rules for a new game.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, then you can join one of the dozens whose already joined us!

Honestly, we know “dozens” doesn’t sound like many.

However, many of the supporters of Legendaria aren’t close friends of mine (or I should say, weren’t at the time), and they are people that just like you, happened to come across us, gave the game a shot and loved it.

After all, we’ve got an average of a 9.75/10 from our anonymous surveys out of playtest groups. You can pre-order the Legendaria Core Rulebook below for an affordable $15.00 - which includes everything you need to play. Or you can acquire the Legendaria Core Rulebook Plus, which features four additional Legendaria scenarios, for expanded Legends, game modes, story, and more!

“It’s like tabletop SMASH brothers!”

And if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to subscribe and gain access to The Art of Otherworlds: Beyond Imagination as well as exclusives, behind the scenes, and much more - including content for Legendaria!

“Story-based, social-driven elements are my favorite parts of RPGs, which is why Legendaria was such a blast.” -Ando Poore of AndoCon

Some Extra Information

The Classes of Legendaria
Legends in Legendaria are considered to be one of nine classes. These nine classes belong to one of three major archetypes. You have the Fighter, Rogue, and Mage archetypes. A Legend’s class depicts what they are best at.

The first archetype. This archetype specializes in melee combat and often have high physical attack and defense. They are bruisers and hard to take down in combat. Rogue and Mages will often need to find less direct approaches to win an encounter against a fighter.

Berserker: Defined by relentless rage. 
Paladin: Defined by honor and holy sword skills.
Warrior: Defined by bravery and combat prowess.

This archetype specialize in singling out targets one on one and eliminating them and often having high stealth and investigation. Many Rogues have a significant advantage at gathering information on their enemies and using their weaknesses against them.

Assassin: Defined by their quickness and perception.
Reaper: Defined by their dark powers.
Striker: Defined by their long range precision. 

Magical legends with a high magic attack and defense. Mages offer the most variety. Some spells will allow them to transform the terrain, while others will allow them to cast devastating fireballs or poisonous gas.

Druid: Defined by their connection to both the natural and supernatural.
Summoner: Defined by their ability to summon.
Wizard: Defined by their wit and magical capabilities. 

Q: I don't understand how this game is played. 
A: That's okay, it's hard to understand games before they are played. We promise as soon as you begin playing, it'll all "click" for you. If it doesn't, you can leave the game at anytime and we can have your character "automated", meaning we'll control them.

Q: How long does Legendaria take to play?
A: Great question! For a player, the game takes anywhere between one to five text messages per day for around one week. This varies based on personal time, what you wish to do with the game, and how long your character survives the war. Nevertheless, as long as you can send one text message every 12 hours, you'll have enough time to actively play Legendaria.