With over 250 registered events, 1,260 hours of gameplay, and counting, we're looking to expand! If you want to join us to create a magical experience for others and for yourself, then this is the place to start your new adventure!

What's it like being Vindicated?

What are we looking for in a team member?

If you’re an inspired and kind soul, then you’re exactly what we’re looking for!

We’re looking to expand Vindicated Entertainment and a part of that is by allowing our community to flourish. We believe in building each other up, helping one another every step of the way.

I’ve already spent over 5 years and tens of thousands of my own dollars to get this to where we are. There’s no reason we all have to go through that.


If you have an idea for a project or way that you can help, let us know!

We’re open to publishing and promoting your stories, podcasts, videos, creative work or having you work directly on our projects.

We just want you to fit where you feel the best and promote one another.

"A rising tide lifts all boats"


Working with a team of creatives, has many benefits, but here's a few for you to think about...

  • Creative Flow - Are you a creative individual, but have been lacking the inspiration? Well, working together on a creative project is the perfect thing to jump start your creativity! People that have worked on Otherworlds have seen a huge spike in all creative endeavors they have partaken in.

  • Teamwork - Working together promotes great teamwork skills, that's invaluable in any work field. We're stronger together and when we put our efforts towards something collectively, we all reap the rewards from it.

  • Vindicated Swag: Directly helping us with our projects will give you access to discounts and/or products we release. Games, t-shirts, art prints, stickers, etc.

  • Resume Building / Credit - Receive credit for the work you do. When we release big content, your name will be attached, allowing you to have great projects to show on your resume, that otherwise would take several years for any one person to do alone.

  • Resources - Gain access to official game resources to allow you to host games, as well as being connected with dozens of talented artists, writers, speakers, tech-savvy, print media, and more.

All of this sound good to you? Awesome!

Just fill out our form below with what project you’re interested in doing with Vindicated. Tell us if it’s something you want our help with or if it’s something you’ve got under control, but want us to help promote. Or if you have a skill set and want to help us directly with our current projects, you can let us know that as well. :)

Important: The listings are currently for volunteer positions. Those that volunteer will be able to work with a schedule that is flexible to their life, and will reap the benefits of building a community that’s bigger than any one of us alone.

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