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Our Fantastical Games

Otherworlds Banner 2019.jpg

Otherworlds® RPG

looking for Adventuring, vampires, & lightning swords?

Bunkers & Badasses RPG

Learn more about this unofficial Borderlands-inspired RPG!

Spellslingers Big Banner (Website).jpg

Spellslingers™ Card Game

Looking for a card game you can play anytime & Anywhere?

Barathum™ Card Game

Learn more about this tactical Card game!

Legendaria Banner 2019.jpg

Legendaria™ Text RPG

Looking to play a tabletop RPG from your phone?

A New World RPG

Check out this Unofficial Deathnote-inspired RPG!


3. Have Fun!

Thank you Vincent Baker for being the genius behind this whole thing as well as the role you play in my personal life. I am constantly amazed and inspired by your drive, creativity, and ability to bring people together in one of the purest forms. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your creativity and know that I will continue to support you and your dreams any way that I can. -Blake Peoples

Also, did We mention that we love hosting gaming events?!

  • Hosted more than 500 organized events.

  • Hosted for more than 500 people.

  • More than 2000 hours worth of experience hosting gaming events!

  • Interested in having us? Contact us here.


Here’s Some places we’ve hosted Events for!

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What’s inside the vault?!

  • Otherworlds: Beyond Imagination is a beautifully detailed artwork, filled with many illustrations and lore from the Otherworlds Roleplaying Game.

  • The Trick or Treat RPG perfect for those who want a simple, fun, Halloween roleplaying game, created by Vincent Baker himself and exclusive to vscribers!

  • Have diverse encounters in your RPGs, with our random weather generation .PDF that can be used for ANY roleplaying game.

  • Personalized content and messages you’ll get directly from Vincent on a once a week basis on Wednesday (and maybe an extra email, when it’s something really cool or special!)

  • And whatever other free things I feel like including in the future. :)



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