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With over 200 registered events, 1,000 hours of gameplay, at over two dozen locations, we have been expanding over the last three years. If you want a magical experience at your local game store, convention, or show, then you have come to the right place! 

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Book a game event at your local game store, convention, library, or other choice of gaming area! With three very successful years and hundreds of satisfied customers, Vindicated Entertainment provides a one of a kind, unique gaming experience.

"I've played Otherworlds one time and let me tell you as a hardcore D&D nerd... Otherworlds took the cake and ran with it faster than the flash! I had so much fun! The system Otherworlds uses is so innovative but at the same time so easy to learn that the most hardcore and the noobiest of players can come in and have a great time!! If I could give it a 10/5 I would because this is the best table top game I have ever played hands down!" -John Christian Boozan

"Had a blast at Geek Out Games, playing Otherworlds with Vincent today. The game is incredible, with thrilling story lines and memorable characters. Vincent has done an amazing job with this game and I advise anyone who loves tabletop gaming or is interested in learning should definitely check out Otherworlds." -Corey Burgess

"Loved playing the game at triad anime con so much fun."  -Jonathan Astudillo

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