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Flank your enemies. Build your walls. Set them up for a devastating trebuchet blast.

This game is perfect for you if…
• You love fantasy
• You love card games
• You love strategy
• You love the idea of moving your cards on a grid
• You love an easy setup
• You love a game that’s easy to learn, difficult to master
• You love “edge of your seat” games

This game is not for you if…
• You find tabletop games are “too nerdy”
• You like purely co-operative games
• You don’t like the idea of barbaric warriors, knights, and assassins fighting for power
• You don’t like having all of your cards coming in one box (this is not a trading card game)

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Barathum is a tactical card game where both players assume control of one of four powerful factions in the world.

Each player will take turns deploying units onto their battlefield as they begin advancing into enemy territory.

This game was designed by not only me (Vincent), but largely by my father, Shane Baker. We’re incredibly proud to present the following to you!

The four factions are…

Baktrog: Hardy stalwart warriors. These barbarians live atop the mountains regions and come crashing through with rage-charged raids! Baktrog specialize into beating their opponents into paste from the front and nothing can stop them!

Nathraal: Knights bound by honor and a sense of duty to keep expanding their territories in the country. The Nathraal own the largest portion of the war torn continent.

Similites: Outcasts and druids who do not wish to conform to the norms of society. Many Similites specialize in ranged attacks and nature magic.

Vagroth: Cunning and sneaky, the Vagroth are a faction of silver tongued merchants and assassins.

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We’re currently preparing Barathum for Kickstarter! How soon it comes to Kickstarter is largely based on how aware and desired the game is.

So, if this is something you want, be sure to let us know!

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